At Points for Wellness, we have been providing acupuncture care for the Santa Cruz, Soquel area since 2006.

Acupuncture was first developed over 2000 years ago and has long been used as a treatment in Chinese medicine to restore the balance of “qi,” also know as the life force energy.  It involves the careful insertion of fine needles into precise points along the body’s meridians in order to treat illness and restore wellness.

Proven by Western science, the location of the points contain an abundance of blood vessels, nerve and lymph tissue which is why these hundreds of points have specific and unique functions to help heal the body. Not only is acupuncture still a fundamental part of the Chinese medical system, it is now a widely accepted and popular form of medicine in Santa Cruz, the US and around the world.

Acupuncture works by accessing the qi and blood that flows through the channels or pathyways that cover the entire body; much like nerves and blood vessels.  Each of the meridians pertain to specific organ systems in the body and with the administration of acupuncture, it’s possible to access these systems and create change. When one or more of the channels are blocked, it creates illness, stagnation or pain.  If there is an imbalance of qi, too much or too little, illness can follow.  Preventing and treating disease involves restoring, balancing and circulating the qi, blood and fluids in order to promote optimal health and wellness.

Acupuncture Can Treat Many Conditions

We have been using acupuncture, combined with other TCM tools, to help Santa Cruz residents manage a variety of conditions, both simple and complex.  Because Traditional Chinese medicine is not a symptom based medicine, rather it treats the patient by getting to the root cause of imbalance, it is possible to treat just about any condition such as:

Digestive conditions: 

Heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, colitis, gallbladder and liver disorders, gastritis, ulcers, food allergies, flatulence, and weight control.

Reproductive/Endocrine conditions: 

PMS, hormonal imbalances, morning sickness, menopause, infertility, uterine or bladder prolapse, menstrual irregularities and pain.

Respiratory conditions: 

Hay fever, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, influenza, acute tonsillitis, chronic cough and more.

Cardiovascular conditions: 

Chest pain, blood pressure issues, muscle cramps, poor circulation, and angina pectoris.

Emotional conditions: 

Anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction behaviors, nervousness, and emotional disturbances.

Skin conditions: 

Psoriasis, acne, hair loss, herpes zoster, eczema, dermatitis, nerve rash, and scar tissue.

Urogenital conditions: 

Interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, urinary retention, kidney disorders, and nocturnal enuresis.

Neurological conditions: 

Sleep disorders,tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, stroke, migraines, some forms of paralysis, peripheral neuropathy, dizziness, intercostal and facial neuralgia.

Musculoskeletal conditions and pain: 

Osteoarthritis, sciatica, low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tenosynovitis, shoulder and neck pain,‘frozen shoulder’, and ‘tennis elbow.’

Athletic injuries:

Sprained ankles and knees, cartilage problems, tearing of muscles, torn ligaments and bruises.

See how acupuncture can help you!