Irregular Menstrual Cycle Treatment

At Points for Wellness we know an irregular menstrual cycle can be frustrating, particularly when you are trying to conceive.  Having a regular cycle as close to 28 days with ovulating on day 14 has proven to be the most “conceivable cycle.” Beth Dorsey specializes in natural treatment options for women in Santa Cruz, Soquel, and surrounding areas who have irregular periods.  There are a variety of causes including hormone imbalances, stress, low body weight, deficiencies in your diet, adrenal fatigue and more that lead to irregular menstruation.  Our goal is to utilize a holistic approach involving integrative medicine and  acupuncture to help women regulate their cycles and optimize their fertility potential.

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Can Help

Proper nutrition, stress reduction, lifestyle management and emotional well-being are critical to overall health.  Your diet has a direct impact on all body functions.  As the old adage says “you are what you eat.” From Chinese medicine and acupuncture to nutritional counseling, herbal and functional medicine we know a comprehensive natural approach is highly effective for treating women’s health including irregular menstruation. If you suffer from an irregular menstrual cycle and other treatments haven’t worked, contact Points for Wellness now.  We invite those in Santa Cruz and surrounding areas to learn more about what we do or schedule an appointment by calling 831-475-1055 today!