Allergies & Asthma

Much of the population suffers from allergies, which is also commonly accompanied by asthma, and is at the forefront of health concerns.  For those who are affected, they are very familiar with the uncomfortable symptoms allergies cause.

Chinese medicine and other holistic modalities have been extremely effective in treating allergies and asthma for thousands of years. The goal is to treat and correct the root imbalance that is upsetting the body so it can heal itself.

If your allergies are chronic, your body often becomes hypersensitive to some environmental elements. Acupuncture helps by stimulating the immune system to strengthen your defenses as well as helping to regulate your body’s reactions and decrease its hyperactivity. So instead of simply suppressing your body’s reaction with antihistamines and steroids my goal is to correct the root problem and medications over time.

How it works

In my comprehensive treatment plans I combine acupuncture, functional medicine, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle counseling as well as NAET.  NAET, Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, is a diagnostic and treatment technique based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. It is a quick, painless, non-invasive method for the diagnosis and permanent elimination of allergies and their symptoms.

NAET uses the principles of kinesiology and acupressure/acupuncture to permanently change the body’s response to allergens. The diagnostic method used is Muscle Response Testing (MRT). It can be carried out directly or through an intermediary.

When used directly, the practitioner finds a strong muscle in the patient, usually an arm. The item to be tested is held in one hand, while the other arm is extended. Applying pressure tests the strength of the arm. When the patient is sensitive to the item, the arm will become weak. If the patient is elderly, ill or a child a surrogate is used as an intermediary between the practitioner and the patient.This method of testing is proven to be over 95% accurate.

Once the sensitivities have been identified acupressure or acupuncture is used to correct the body’s response to the items. The item is then avoided for a period of 25 hours. Occasionally, in the case of severe allergies, an item may have to be treated more than once, or in combination with other substances, before it clears.

On a simplified level NAET re-educates the body to accept the allergen as a ‘good thing’, not a threat and to respond to it in an appropriate manner.

What is an Allergy?

Although the term “Allergy” has been used widely in the medical profession, knowledge about the nature of allergies and their implications is still in its infancy.

Many people continue to think of allergies as a limited group of symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, hives, asthma, hay fever, or occasionally a severe response such as anaphylactic shock. Fortunately, increasing numbers of health professionals are beginning to recognize allergic reactions as factors in many illnesses and disorders. Allergies are understood to be an unusual sensitivity to certain substances, which cause an inappropriate immune response.

An allergy may result from numerous causes, including repeated exposure to a particularly strong or toxic allergen, which exhausts the body’s defenses, or from events such as serious trauma, major surgery, anesthetic, vaccinations, and emotional stresses. Stress and anxiety will make a sufferer more sensitive to the allergen and symptoms will worsen.

There are twelve Meridians or Energy lines in the body, the energy of an allergen will disrupt the flow of energy in one or more meridians, resulting in weakness or malfunction in organs associated with that meridian.